One of the most common substances consumed in the land. Most typical types can be found behind the bar, including wines, ales, and beers. At better stocked places you can also find stouts, ports, bourbon, brandy, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, and whiskey. There are also less well known local spirits. There are rumors of illegal concoctions occasionally found in larger cities but those are just the rumors from country hicks.



There are several brands of cigars common in this part of the world. They are tradeable and do not depreciate like other items. Vox’s are hard to come by and may not be found at all locations.

Label Cigar Price per box of 25
Hearthblend Clipper 6 gold
Hearthblend Schooner 9 gold
Hearthblend Bard’s Select 15 gold
Regency Gold Gram’s Robusto 15 gold
Regency Gold Captain’s Edge 20 gold
Regency Gold Castellan’s Choice 30 gold (box of 20)
Vox Dark Twilight 40 gold (box of 10)
Vox Dark Eclipse 100 gold (box of 10)
Vox Dark Black Label 200 gold (box of 5)

Adapted from No Quarter magazine, issue 4, p. 77


Grown almost exclusively in the Elsir Vale, leaf is well loved by many of the vale’s population. It is one of the few products that the Elves of Westdeep will trade with other races for. Three popular growers vie for popularity (and control): Highcot, Rosewise, Wellington. Each is about 10 gold per pouch and many people will become very loyal to only one brand.

Illicit Substances

Little is known about the illicit substances in Elsir Vale. One would have to find the seedy underbelly of society to learn more.


Short version:

  • Drug use: DM rolls Addiction attack vs Will and Satiation time.
  • At the end of the Satiation time, if the player is addicted, he or she takes Addiction Damage until they are no longer addicted, or they take the drug again.
  • To recover from addiction, the character takes addiction damage for the satiation period, then the DM secretly rolls the Addiction attack at a stackable -2 attack.

Long version:

The DM secretly rolls the Addiction attack roll each time the character uses the drug, until they are addicted. Once they are addicted, they must go through the recovery process to get off the drug. The DM lets the player know the result (addicted or not) near the end of the satiation period. This is private as the other players will only recognize addiction by the actions of the character. At the end of the satiation period, the character must either take more of the drug or try to recover from their addiction. If the character does not receive more of the drug at the end of the satiation period, they are considered in the recovery process.

Addiction recovery process: The character must endure the addiction damage for a number of days equal to the satiation period. At the end end of this period, the DM roles another addiction role at -2 (ex. +8 vs Will becomes +6 vs Will). If the Will save is high enough, the character no longer takes addiction damage. If the addiction succeeds, the character must endure another recovery process, though at the end, the DM roles at a -4. These -2 penalties stack until the character is recovered or they take the drug again.

Another use of the drug removes all effects of addiction damage, resets the recovery process, and may increase the attack bonus of the addiction.


Dragon’s Blood

This strong alcohol is illegal in many civilized areas. It is a distinctive deep maroon and behaves like thick mercury. When swallowed, the drinker immediately lets out a small gasp of flame. In dragonborn, this alcohol triggers their dragon breath, adding an addition 1d6 of damage. For this reason, even those willing to serve this drink will often reject the request of a dragonborn.

  • Level 10
  • Take a shot: The target is considered under the influence, regardless of the attack roll outcome or saves, for 1d4 hours. While under the influence, all skill checks receive a -4 modifier and all saving throws are at a -2 modifier. While under the influence, the user experiences mild euphoria and fierce confidence. Additional shots taken while under the influence stack +2’s to the Dragon Blood’s attacks and -2’s to the user’s saves.
  • Attack: +15 vs. Fortitude, dazed (save ends though the target must wait 1d6 rounds to make the save)
  • First Failed Save: Target is unconscious for 1d4+1 hours.

Thassil Petals

Similar to a poison, are rolled in to a vibrant blue joint. Also known as simply Thassil, the user feels at peace as the world slows down and they become very mellow. 250 gold per use. In this form, the user is always slowed (save ends) and becomes very lethargic.

  • Attack: +8 vs. Fortitude, slowed (save ends though the target must wait 2d8 minutes to make the save)
  • First Failed Save: The target is dazed instead of slowed (save ends after 2d8 minutes).
  • Second Failed Save: Target unconscious for 1d4+1 hours.
  • Special: As the Thassil is smoked, it takes effect 2d8 minutes after consumed. All saving throws are made with a -2 penalty.
  • Addiction: +8 vs. Will
  • Satiation: 1d6+1 days
  • Addiction Damage: 1 healing surge per day and -2 to all save rolls.

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