Stonehome Mountains

Stonehome Mountains and Surrounding Area

A range of crumbling peaks as old as the world. They mark the boundary of the dwarven lands and hold their enemies at bay.

Armistice – A relic of the past, the site of victory against the giants and orcs.

Bordrin’s Watch – Mighty fortress raised to protect Elsir Vale from attack.

Elsir River – The headwaters are found here in the mountains and flow into the Vale.

Feud – Tiny hamlet.

Hope – Speck of a town.

Lantern – Little more than a logging camp.

Monastery of the Sundered Chain – Holy warriors dedicated to Moradin. Withdrawn from Overlook, though still allies.

Myler’s Stone – A once large city, now little more than a few desperate people.

Old Den – A trade depot used by rangers and elves alike.

Shackles – Overlook’s sister city, sacked by orcs two centuries ago.

Sodden – A small town of farmers and fisherfolk, who work well with the elves.

The Vents – Natural fissures vent steam.

The Westdeep – This dense forest grows in the narrow depression between the Stonehome and Wyrmsmoke mountains. A dangerous place, several tribes of xenophobic elves live here, and they do not take kindly to trespassers. Conflict between loggers at Lantern adn the elves has come close to open war, and it’s know that if the elves attack, the dwarves will be forced to respond.

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Stonehome Mountains

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