First Level Character Questions

These are the first questions asked of the group meeting in Brindol as they begin the Scales of War adventure.


Who are you and what is your background?

Do you know or are you related to any of the others that will be in the party?

Are you from Brindol or somewhere else?

If you are staying at an inn, where?

  • The Silk and Spoon (2gp per night – high class merchants always willing to chat)
  • The Red Door (5sp per night – complimentary breakfast)
  • The Avandrian Hostel (3sp per night – no questions but no fresh sheets either)

What tavern do you frequent?

  • Brindol’s Country Club – 5gp for a feast to remember – private rooms for private parties
  • Illya’s Card House – 1gp per meal but you will probably lose more than that to the house
  • The Antler and Thistle – 2sp for a hearty meal and a favorite of working locals
  • The Blue Parrot – 2sp for a good meal and the main competition of the Antler
  • The Marooned Schooner – Lots of drinking – bread and moldy cheese for 5 copper.

This early evening, you find yourself in the Antler and Thistle (why?) There are several other characters around the tavern and they seem to be sizing you up. Be ready to tell the other character what they see when they first meet you.

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First Level Character Questions

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