Brief History

Before the world was created, the cosmos existed in two parts, the Astral Sea and the Elemental Chaos. The Astral Sea is the origin point for the gods and the Elemental Chaos is the origin point for the primordials.

“The primordials formed the world from the raw materials of the Elemental Chaos. Looking down on this work from the Astral Sea, the gods were fascinated with the world. Creatures of thought and ideal, the gods saw endless room for improvement in the primordials’ work, and their imaginings took form and substance from the abundance of creation stuff still drifting in the cosmos… The gods drew astral essence and mixed it with the tiniest bits of creation-stuff to create mortals to populate the world and worship them. Elves, dwarves, humans, and others appeared in this period of spontaneous creation. Resentful of the gods’ meddling in their work, the primordials began a war that shook the universe, but the gods emerged victorious and the world remains as they have shaped it.”

“As the world took shape, the primordials found some pieces to vivid and bright, and hurled them away. They found other pieces too murky and dark, and flung them away as well. These discarded bits of creation clustered and merged, and formed together in echoes of the shaping of the world… Thus the world was born with two siblings: the bright Feywild and the dark Shadowfell.”

These were quoted from the Dungeon Master’s guide, 4th Edition, p. 160-161.

While most races have their origins in the Material world, the Eladrin call Feywild home while the Shadar-kai reside primarily in the Shadowfell.

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