Calendar of the Vale


January Ice Glaze
February Snow Deep
March Mountain Thaw
April Earth Wakes
May Flower Blooms
June Home Earth
July Raging Fire
August Dying Ember
September Harvest Home
October Leaf Gild
November Dark Cold
December Frost Eve

Days of the Week

Sunday Friend Day
Monday Hunt Day
Tuesday Share Day
Wednesday Gather Day
Thursday Barter Day
Friday Worship Day
Saturday Council Day

There are 28 days in the month corresponding to the lunar calendar, and 336 days in the year. There is a full moon every 1st and a dark moon every 14th.

Common Holidays

1st day of Ice Glaze (1/1) – Year Dawn – Traditional to eat only dried or preserved foods for the day.

8th day of Snow Deep (8/2) – Snow Day – Children are relieved of most chores and play in the snow.

9th-13th of Snow Deep (9-13/2) – Keggerfest – First tapping of the Dwarves new ale. Originally a Dwarven holiday, it has now been adopted by most towns.

14th day of Snow Deep (14/2) – Sehanine’s Tryst Day – Love is in the air! Customs vary from town to town.

21st day of Mountain Thaw (21/3) – Corellon’s Spring Dawning – vernal equinox.

25th day of Mountain Thaw (25/3) – Melora’s Feast Day – Primarily a Fey holiday. Also known as a day of mischief.

3rd day of Earth Wakes (3/4) – Harrowing Day – Start of Spring Planting

19th day of Earth Wakes (19/4) – Moradin’s Forge Day – Holy Day of the Dwarves

1st day of Flower Blooms (1/5) – Avandra’s Day of Travel – A day to visit friends and in-laws.

2nd day of Home Earth (2/6) – Bahamut’s Day of Justice – A day normally celebrated by the nobles by jousts.

21st day of Home Earth (21/6) – Midsummer Eve – Longest day of the year, celebrations vary by town.

15th day of Raging Fire (15/7) – Festival of Candles – Dwarves honor their Ancestors by lighting candles for those remembered and tucking their beards into their belts or into their shirts.

27th day of Dying Ember (27/8) – Kord’s Day of Mastery – Local competitions and youth right of passage events.

3rd day of Harvest Home (3/9) – Ioun’s Day of Quiet Study – Celebrated by scholars and loathed by students, this is typically the first day of school.

22nd day of Harvest Home (22/9) – Pelor’s Summer End – Autumn Equinox and Harvesting begins.

20th day of Leaf Gild (20/10) – Erathis’ Day of Worship – offer prayer for your city or town by burning incense at the temple.

2nd day of Dark Cold (2/11) – Day of the Hunt – varies by location

22nd day of Frost Eve (22/12) – Yule Day – Yule logs, small toys and candles are given.

Night of the 22nd of Frost Eve (22/12) – Night of the Raven Queen – Closed doors, few travelers are greeted this night.

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Calendar of the Vale

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