Towns offer security in this world of danger and Brindol is no different. It is the largest town in the Elsir Vale, protected by a wall that discourages most bandits. Brindol sits astride the Elsir River and The Dawn Way – the main trade road. The citizens also support a local militia that protects the lands and trade route immediately surrounding the town.

It seems that there has always been people here, farming the rich land of the vale. Humans are most common, though the trade route provides for a mix of most other common races. Some of these influences can be seen in the Calendar used in the Vale.

The most interesting piece of recent history was the attack of the armies of the Red Hand. This horde of Hobgoblins rampaged through the vale 10 years ago and were finally turned back at Brindol’s wall by a band of courageous adventurers. Since this time, the vale has prospered under the blanket of peace.

Recent bandit attacks in the wilderness have caused the town to swell with outlying farmers “visiting family” for the time. There is a sense of unease and the farmers are restless.

Government: The city has a council of 13, two-thirds of whom are hereditary landlords and the remainder of whom are guildmasters from the city’s important trade guilds. Lord Jarmaath is the public face of the council. Lord Eoffram Troyas is the newest hereditary lord.

Defense: Lord Warden Harrik Orenna has access to 200 well-equipped but poorly trained soldiers in the militia. The captain of this town guard is Kartenix. Additionally, many of the local lords and merchant houses have their own security guards. The Lord Warden is pushing for the council to reinstate the Lion Guard, due to the increasing attacks in the area, though several key members are opposed to giving Orenna so much power.

The city is surrounded on three sides by a stone wall 20 feet tall & 10 feet thick, and the river guards the north side. There’s one gate each in the east, west and south walls, and gates at each of the twin bridges in the north.

  1. City Gates
  2. The Blue Parrot (Tavern)
  3. Axenhaft Security – Hires out security for trade caravans and such
  4. Shank’s Shives – Best Weapons shop in Brindol
  5. Brindol Market Place
    1. Shrine to the Raven Queen – a new addition, just north of the Market, dedicated by Xul
    2. Herbal Answers – located just to the west of the market. Many alchemical products can be found here. Owned by Adronsius.
  6. The Marooned Schooner – (Tavern) Lots of drinking and a rough crowd
    1. The Avandrian Hostel – (Inn) Behind the Schooner
  7. Red Magic and Sundries – Magic shop – Jalissa works here.
  8. Shrine of Avandra – Mainly run by halflings
  9. Brindol’s Country Club – High class and high priced
    1. The Silk and Spoon – (Inn) across from the Country Club
  10. The Play House
    1. Illya’s Card House – (Tavern) 2 doors down from the Play House
  11. Brindol Academy
    1. Great Hall of Valor – located on the campus of the Academy – Sertanian is the castellan here.
  12. Antler and Thistle (Tavern) Mario the Bartender is also the owner and Mirtala is the cook here.
    1. The Red Door – (Inn) across fom the Antler and Thistle
  13. Kaal Manor – Merchant family headed by Verra Kaal
  14. Teskerwill Manor – Horse breeders headed by Danella Teskerwill
  15. Discreet Departures – Coffin maker
  16. Cathedral Square – used for ceremonies and festivals, hangings and pronouncements
  17. Cathedral of Pelor – the most distinctive building in Brindol, washing Cathedral Square in bright stain-glassed color every morning.
  18. Brindol Keep – originally for the lord of the town, now used as a training grounds and offices for the local militia
  19. Haskinar Mansion – large farm owners
  20. Brindol Cemetery
  21. Temple of Erathis

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