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  • 3a Caden Cipher 132

    Last week, I met [[:xul | Xulatria Te'asene'a]], [[:25537 | Bree]], and [[:16223 | Rhayn Enala]]. I was most interested by Xul's request for information about a [[:16267 | scarred elf]]. The [[Lost Ones]] were able to determine that a woman matching the …

  • 3b Caden Cipher 133

    Since the strange team of adventurers has returned, they have been honored as heroes of Bordrin's Watch. [[:xul | Xul]] returned for a short visit and I told her of Irranda. I mentioned the name Modra but she didn't react. She either already knew the …

  • Lost Ones

    !>http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/CityStormreach_Gallery/112250.jpg! The Lost Ones is the most powerful thieving guild in [[Overlook]]. Each district has it's own lieutenant, with the head of the guild located somewhere in Tradetown. [[:25537 | …

  • Caden

    Currently under contract with Xul to find the scarred elf.