Tag: Bordrin's


  • Overlook

    Built sometime back in the mists of time, after the dwarves threw off the shackles of slavery and chased the giants and orcs west across the mountains at the end of the Age of Chains. Overlook, along with Bordin's Watch are the first line of defense …

  • Kalad

    Kalad is tall for a dwarf and thickly muscled. However, his beard was savagely cut from his face and his wounds were extensive.

  • Sylen Leafrunner

    Born in the Westdeep Forest, Sylen has shaken off the xenophobia of his people. He is in love with Megan Swiftblade and the two have been together for several years. Unable to return to his people because of her, he strives to live everyday to the …

  • Madrick

    One night, Formorians attacked Madrick's community in the Feywild. A warning from Bandit was all that allowed him to escape. However, when he did, he accidentally stepped through a door into the natural world. Shocked and a little homesick, Madrick …