Scales of War Adventure

Movement in the Darkness
Hobgoblins are on the move. What will tomorrow hold?

2nd day of Earth Wakes, 435th Year of the Age of Shields (AoS); Hunt Day

“The world has never been a safe place. Bastions of civilization populate a dark, menacing world – islands of order and reason exit in a land otherwise overrun by dark cults, vile monster, creatures from the dark edges of the imagination, and worse. As deadly as the world is on a normal day, something has begun to stir on the fringes of the civilized Elsir Vale. Formerly the site of an attack by an army known as the Red Hand, the vale has know a decade of peace since brave adventurers stormed into the teeth of the approaching Hand and sent them scurrying back into darkness.”

Recent bandit attacks in the wilderness have caused the town to swell with outlying farmers “visiting family” for the time. There is a sense of unease and the farmers are restless. As the first days of Spring come and go, planting season is upon them.

You find yourself in the town of Brindol, a walled town of moderate size on the Elsir River, situated in Elsir Vale. Brindol serves as the major town for the many small farming villages in this rich and fertile valley. The merchants make use of the river and The Dawn Way – the main trade road.

Mario's letter to his brother
10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS; Share Day

Dear Bobby,

I wanted to let you know that I am ok. You may have heard about the attack on Brindol, and it was every bit as vicious as people are saying, but I am ok. Let me tell you what happened.

We have been hearing reports of hobgoblin bandits making raids on our surrounding countryside. They had not hit any of the smaller towns around us and no one in Brindol was too concerned, unless they were going to be moving something on the Dawn Way. We were completely unprepared.

Before I knew what was going on, 4 hobgoblins burst through my doors, ripping them off the hinges. The next thing I know, there is an ice patch in the middle of the common room and arrows flying everywhere. One patron, Young Jack, was literally ripped in two by a hobgoblin. Two heavily armored women blocked the door and took apart anymore who came in, while the strangest looking elf I have ever seen ripped those gobo’s apart with a spiked chain. Several of the gobbers were throwing lanterns and that is where we suffered the most damage.

Two unidentifiable patrons, who was just passing through, were burned to death in the fireballs. One lantern was flung at the bar and all of my wonderful alcohol went up in an instant. I didn’t know it at the time, but Mirtala, our cook, ran out the back door and was later taken captive by the goblins. I am offering my prayers to all the gods for her.

The flames were put out before they could do too much more damage but I have to add the odd incident I saw outside. For some reason, an ogre was apparently yoked to a cart with roofing pitch. This same group of adventure’s apparently magicked him asleep and blew up the cart he was attached to. It made a horrible mess but I can only imagine that the ogre would have done worse.

Please pray for Mirtala’s quick return, if she is still alive. This incident has put more pressure on the Council to reform the old Lion Guard. I did not enjoy my time in that unit but I would go if summoned to defend Brindol again. I also think it would be wise to place my old weapons within easy reach. I do not want to get stuck behind a bar again when I might have saved some of those people.

Like I said brother, I am well and Brindol is starting to wake up. I hope to see you soon.


An interesting side note: You know that wheel of cheese I normally have sitting on the bar to serve to patrons? Some of the alcohol splashed into the divot that was in the center and caught flame. I am left with an incredible cheese flambe that may be the newest hit!

From the Journal of Eoffram
Aftermath of the raid - 10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS; Share Day

We have known of the bandit raids in the nearby countryside for several weeks now. We just never thought they would attack Brindol. Our walls are thick and high and the militia is on alert. There has even been talk of restoring the old Lion Guard, which now seems very likely.

We suffered, all told, 23 deaths, 7 people taken, severe property damage, and the loss several antiques from the Hall of Great Valor.

An interesting side note is the group of adventures that “happened” to be in town at the time of the attack. Erathis, god of civilization, I follow your teachings, but I wonder if you co-opted a few of Avandra’s for your use. They were very helpful in preventing further loss. However, after talking with them, I believe any “good” they did was a complete accident. In any case, I think they are the best bet in restoring those that were taken from our town. If they fail, well, they are outsiders and we lose nothing. If they succeed, our people will be saved. If I am being completely honest, it will help my position in the council too. This can only help my future plans.

Eoffram Troyas

Morrik's Map
10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS; Share Day


Following the Red Hand
Into the lair - Evening of the 10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS; Share Day

Xul, Soyala, Alia, Rhayn, and Hurit boldly descended the steps into the lair of the Red Hand. Two flail-wielding hobgoblins stood ready in the center of the dank chamber. Braziers flanked double doors on the north wall and two goblins with crossbows stood in front of those doors. The team quickly dispatched this group, even with the braziers spouting flames back and forth. From here, they could also see the doors to the west, with a plaque reading “To Von Urstadt”, and doors to the east reading “To Von Jallach.” The north doors read, “To Rivenroar”.

Xul investigated the doors to the west and discovered a horrible smell and 5 hobgoblins in their sleeping quarters. After some debate amongst the party, they quickly entered and dealt with the group. They noticed two goblins glance through the doors to the north but when nothing came back through, Rhayn peeked through. Not wanting to light a sunrod, the passage was too dark to see anything. With Soyala, Rhayn piled the bodies of the hobgoblins in front of the door and Xul scouted the door to the west.

A short hall way led to a chamber with a picture in the middle of the far wall, flickering images of a sinister castle in the middle of a swamp and emitting a faint blue glow. Hurit quickly stepped forward to examine it further and discovered that it was a portal. Apparently, the Ocher Jelly also knew it was a portal and flowed through to try a bite of Eladrine wizard. The group killed the Jelly, but not before it split into two and slimed Rhayn with acid. Try as she might, she could not get the stuff off and the group resorted to stripping her armor off. It was a little awkward. The two Specters that showed up for a free meal were also dealt with promptly.

Session XP:

  • 3430 XP for the group
  • 686 XP for each PC
  • Each PC has a total of 686 XP.
Journal of Xulatria Te'asene'a
Entry 26

I have indeed come upon as motley a fate as has ever befallen any of the Dark Folk – Queen guide my steps. Having lost the trail I have searched these last weeks, in vain, for some whisper or trace of the passing of the Elf with the scarred forehead. My wanderings have recently led me into the town of Brindol, a pleasant-enough place. I am beginning to appreciate the bizarre, squat-yet-colorful architecture of these peoples, though I will admit I still find the food and drink entirely too…pungent for my taste, though it is certainly not as strange as the constant smiling – if I didn’t know better I would assume that the entire populace was cursed with a facial deformity that caused convulsions every time we pass one another in the street…a fairly shocking grimace to be sure that I’ve come to realize is not a sign of aggression (which also explains the shock of the townsfolk three weeks ago when I broke that shopkeeper’s nose for snarling so viciously at me).

Brindol – a quiet enough town, I thought, though much larger than I find comfortable. I have found myself strangely drawn to the weeds that these Prime-Morts smoke in long pipes. The flavors are very strong, but the sensations are overwhelming. I found myself sitting in a tavern with one of these pipes for hours the other day. I must find out what these plants grow from and take some seed back with me. I can only imagine the wonders that might emerge from the union of these magnificent plants with good hearty Dark Soil!

It was as I sat smoking in a bar that the Dark Mother laid a wonderful test before me. As I enjoyed a particularly well-lit pipe-load several hairy apish-looking manbeasts stormed into the tavern and started lighting things on fire. The weak-willed patrons obviously did not fully comprehend the opportunity before them, as they ran screaming (save the handful who actually caught fire, proving their uselessness). I draw steel and leapt into the fray, along with a handful of others who also seemed thoroughly interested in embracing all of the gifts that Fate has bestowed upon us. I felt my mind sink away as I began dancing to the sibilant song of the Chains – and it was a glorious crimson dance. In fact, it may be that I submerged myself too deeply in the reverie, for the Queen saw fit to remind me of my own mortality in the midst of the fight. Were it not for the actions of one armored half-elf I might have been called to account before the Umbral Throne.

The officials in this place have sought our help in retrieving stolen artifacts. I found the request strange. Back home such weakness would have been eliminated by careful intrigue and flashing steel long ago, yet these peasant seem to allow callow men to lead them. If this is the way of things in this place, I may have found my true calling, to erect a kingdom of strong and sober peoples in the face of overwhelming hubris and frivolity. Perhaps it is in creating this kingdom that I will finally dance the fall of the Fateless Man who Dances in Flame, and my hunger and wanderlust will finally abate.

But it is no matter for the present. The Queen has laid a grand Reckoning before me and I have joined with a small coterie in pursuit of our destiny. I will take this time to observe and judge the worthiness of this band. Time alone will tell.

Xulatria Te’asene’a

Morrik's Thoughts
10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS; Share Day

Morrik has been manacled to a tree a little ways off from the hideout of the Red Hand. Informed by Xul, a follower of The Raven Queen, that fate would determine his outcome, Morrik ponders life and his current predicament.

‘ere I am, cuffed to a tree, left for ded. Do anyone care wat happens to Morrik? No. Scary Lady said it wuz fate. Bane not teach fate. Bane expects win. How do’s Morrik win? ... (Much thinking and several minutes later) Kill the tree!

How Morrik kill tree?...

Pull it up! (Much grunting and pulling) This not working!

How Morrik kill tree?... Saw it down!

At this point, Morrik begins sawing the tree with his manacles. At some point in the process, the chain breaks. However, Morrik now completely focused on killing the tree, does not realize his freedom and only grumbles that his “saw” is shorter. Several hours later:

Almost there… Almost there… Ha! Take that stupid tree! You can’t beat me! Morrik Rulz! Bane Rulz! Now wat?... No want to find Scary Lady and no want see Sinruth. Red Hand is stupid. Me leaving.

And with no particular place in mind, Morrik wanders off with never another thought about fate or how it might change his life.

Duncan's Correspondence
Following the Youngling, 10th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS

I have followed the Youngling to the human town of Brindol in the Elsir Vale. Your coin is still good here and it is easy to determine the inn where she will stay. The other evening, she surprised me and sought out a more normal tavern. While there, she encountered an acquaintance from school, though neither seemed happy to see the other. There was a bit of trouble in the town which you may hear about later but your daughter was never in any real danger.

I was a little concerned that she would be burned to a crisp but they don’t need to know that…

She has met a group of adventurers that seem to have accepted her, at least for now. Before I could intervene, they were commissioned to track some ruffians into the wilderness. Your daughter really shone here, moving through the wilderness with ease.

I, on the other hand, felt the need to investigate the cave containing the hungry bear. It took a while to loose the infernal thing. Then, while racing to catch up, I ran right through a nest of damned Kruthiks!

I have followed at a fair distance and all seems well. Presently, they are dealing with the ruffians and should resurface soon. She is still unaware of my presence, as you instructed. I look forward to the end of these shenanigans.

Faithfully yours, Duncan

I don’t regret teaching the child in the old ways. They are proving useful already. I simply wish I was not the one held responsible for her wanderlust. It would have found her, whether or not she was prepared.

Hurit's Journal

I have started out on an adventure with some interesting companions. We have set out from Brindol following a captured hobgoblin from the Red Hand. Eoffram Troyas has hired us to get back some lost antiques that were stolen from the town’s Hall of Great Valor; this could prove very interesting in my quest for more spells and relics of the ancients and the gods.

I was glad in our first battle to show that I was more than a conjurer of cheap tricks and sound effects. I was able to feel that real power that I control as it calls out to me wanting me to use it.

After our encounter at the tavern we left the city on our quest and were led by the most horrid of creatures. It was almost as if it pained him to think how awful a life, to shun knowledge and learning. He tried several times in his own pitiful way to trick us however, I am not unlike in the bars surrounded by fools and we did not fall for the half thought out traps he tried to lay for us. I hope if he escapes from the tree and chain that he will seek a better life one more filled with thinking.

We found our way into the camp of the Red Hand they have taken up shelter in a tomb for some very wealthy families, that are so old that I have even barely heard of them. We dispatched a few more minions of the Red Hand while there. One of the rangers the darker one that I feel is some how very different than the creatures of this world and very different then those who reside in the Feywild. She lead the exploration of the tomb and after we dispatched some of the Red Hand’s minions, we happened upon a very interesting mural. It was more than just a mural but a one way portal, as I was inspecting it I was attacked by Ocher Jelly, strange creature indeed. Thankfully I was able to freeze part of it before it could split into too many parts that we could not handle. I look forward to the other secrets this crypt holds.

I pray that Corellon will keep me safe and help me to skill my craft even more. That the Queen will spare me from a dreadful fate but if that is what she has in store for me so be it.

Deeper into Rivenroar
How deep will this rabbit hole lead?

10th & 11th day of Earth Wakes, 435 AoS

After a short rest, the team moved further into to tombs. The next room, lined with skeletal alcoves, heated up with the appearance of two magma claws. They seem to have been summoned by the opening of an arcane trapped door. What opened the door remains a mystery.

Not long after, the group was able to locate and release Sertanian from his captivity. Angry at the robbery of his Great Hall, he was more than willing to assist in the recovery of the antiques.

Unfortunately, the next captive located had already passed into the realm of the Shadow Queen. Kartenix’s body was glued to the wall in a den of ettercaps. The team quickly dealt with this threat, too, though they were beginning to look for a safe room to hole up in for an overnight.

Alia quickly scouted out the stairs leading up to the west and discovered a room full of hobgoblins. With out waiting to find out what they were doing here, she fired off several arrows, surprising the enemy. The rest of the team joined in, with Hurit slowing the movement of many but taking a face full of acid for his troubles. Xul waded in and was soon covered with the cast-off of the dead. Rhayn and Soyala did there part and even the surprising addition of a hexer barely phased the group.

Now low on energy, the team was relieved to find a room with only one entrance. It happened to contain Jalissa. She clung to Rhayn for freeing her, though also made fast friends with Hurit. She was able to cast the ritual eye of alarm and the team slept fast. The room also contained three sarcophagi and, with no conscientious objectors present, they looted the corpses.

Well rested, feeling a new sureness of powers, and with two of the rescued in tow, the group ascended another set of stairs and found themselves in an triangular room with seven menhir’s (large stones standing vertically) scattered across the floor. These stones we exceedingly cold, enough to cause immediate pain if touched. As they were investigating the room, Soyala fell under attack.

Sinruth surprised the group by entering from the north doors. He immediately used his spiked chain to pull Soyala into the barbs on his armor. Ripping her off, he threw her to the ground and attempted to kick her with his jackboots. However, Soyala seemed very adept at fighting from her back and was able to avoid further damage. It took a concerted effort to deal with the leader of the hobgoblins, but the task was lessened when Hurit caused him to believe the ground gave out beneath him. Seeing a grown hobgoblin flailing around wildly on the floor is a sight to behold. Two of the antiques were recovered, the gauntlets and the dragon crest helm. Sertanian was overjoyed to see them. In addition, the team found a disturbing letter, folded into the breast pocket of the deceased leader:

Session XP:

  • 2195 XP for the group
  • 439 XP for each PC
  • Each PC has a total of 1,125 XP.

Session Loot

  • 730 gold for the group
  • 300 silver for the group
  • 3 potions of healing
  • Shroud of protection – Adventurer’s Vault p. 177
  • Antique – Ornate, gilded dragoncrest helm
  • Antique – Set of iron gauntlets with extensive filigree

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