Xulatria Te'asene'a

'Xul' is young, with a trim strong build. She sports a number of piercings, tattoos, and a penchant for jewellery. Her head is shaved save for a plaited queue on her left temple, and she has raven-black eyes, common to her race.


Xul(altria) – female Shadar-kai Ranger (Lvl 1)

Str- 17 Con- 12 Dex- 14 Int- 10 Wis- 14 Cha- 11

HP- 39 Defenses AC- 15 Fort- 16 Ref- 14 Will- 13

As a Ranger, Xul wears light armor, and fights primarily with a spiked chain, though also uses paired hand-axes and a sling.


She is best described as: Relaxed, Self-Assured, Suspicious/Analytical; Adaptable, Pragmatic, Stern; Reckless, Bold, Calm, and Fierce.

As a servant of the Raven Queen, she is also very fatalistic, and reacts strongly against any perceived arrogance/hubris.

She is in the Prime Material searching for her ancestral Gal-ralan, stolen by an ambitious Elf, with a scarred forehead.

As with all Shadar-kai children, she was named by the Augur of her clan (Nightstalker)in a oracle given at the hour of her birth. That prophecy, 19 years ago, still haunts her:

_“Hear the voice from within, calling to the Child Who Dances in Blood. She will consume the world to slake her thirst, But until she faces the Fateless Man and casts down the One Who Dances in Flame her hungering wanderlust will never abate. Lo, I see crimson footprints stretching over the distant horizon.”_

Xulatria Te'asene'a

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