Soyala Corvina

Wearing blackened full plate, carrying and scythe, and adorned with ornaments of the Raven Queen, Soyala leaves an unmistakable impression on everyone she meets.


Soyala Corvina – female human paladin

Stats: Str-18, Dex-11, Con-12, Int-10, Wis-13, Cha-14

HP – 33, Defenses AC 19, Fort 17, Ref 13, Will 15

Soyala wears full plate and carries a scythe and crossbow. She is an Avenging Paladin, bringing justice to wrongdoers, sending them to their ultimate fate before the throne of the Raven Queen.


Soyala was the daughter of a priestess of the Raven Queen. While she was a youth, she was talked into skipping temple services one soft lazy spring morning. That very day, followers of Orcus came into the temple and killed everyone gathered there in worship. When she came back from the river, she found everyone, along with her entire family dead, pagan scrawling to Orcus smeared on the temple’s walls. Her faith in the tenets of the Raven Queen left her unable to mourn, only to allow the anger to burn into something deeper, something darker.

She is now dedicated to hunting down all who follow the teachings of Orcus, sending them to their final judgement before the Raven Queen’s ebony throne, and sees her hunt as the fate laid before her by the Dark Lady.

Soyala Corvina

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