Rumzog Witchtwister

Short, green, and amiable - with a quick wit, disarming smile and a shadowy past.


Rumzog “Rummy the Nyp” Witchtwister – male Goblin Bard (Lvl 4)

Str-10 Con-12 Dex-16 Int-14 Wis-12 Cha-18

HP-39 Defenses AC-19 Fort-14 Ref-18 Will-18

As a bard, Rummy wears chainmail under a long oversized coat, and is armed with a shortsword and a repeating crossbow. He is never seen without Bard’s Select gripped in his jaws.


Rumzog grew up as an orphan in a large city. He eked out a living begging in the gutters, and occasionally stealing when the opportunity presented itself. However, he always found himself able to make much more by applying a tender gaze than through pilfering. It wasn’t long before he found himself under the guiding hand of the Thieves’ Guild. Here he learned to pick pockets, to jimmy locks, but more importantly, to play “the sharp”, the nypper, the grift, the long and short cons. And most importantly how to make good money doing it!

He moved from town to town, applying his own burgeoning abilities of falsehood and manipulation, acting the part of the wandering troubadour, all-the-while knowing that it was his wits and his wits alone that kept him safe. He continues to drift in and out of professional relationships, always trying to buy away the memories of the gutters, and the rats, and the rain.

Rumzog Witchtwister

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