Aliasanos Feywyld

Ranged Ranger (sounds funny), spoiled rich kid.


Alia’s father is a prominent merchant (and obviously good at it, hence the rich part), but spends most of his time away from home. Her mother is gone most of the time also, socializing or entertaining her paramours. Alia was raised by servants who were only there because they were paid to be there and thus had no real care or concern for the child. So long as they got their pay, she could do whatever she wanted. From a young age, Alia seemed to have a gift for tracking and surviving in nature. When she was 5, she wandered away from home and spend several hours alone in the woods. She hid herself so well that it took a visiting ranger, Duncan (passing through on his way home from a skirmish of some kind, seasoned in battle, living in the wilds and one of the best young elvish rangers of his time)to find her. Duncan found Alia almost immediately, but pretended to have some difficulty to increase the child’s confidence. In payment for losing their daughter and then being unable to find her, Alia’s parents fired all the servants, with the warning that they were lucky to still be alive.

Duncan, however, was intrigued by the young girl and somewhat disturbed that her parents seemed only to care for her as much as they had to in order to keep up appearances or when the money they threw at her did not pacify a situation. He offered to stay and take over her training. For the next 15 years, Duncan trained Alia in the old ways of the elves, teaching her how to live in the wild, how to fight, how to track and helping her hone her skills. Still, though, Alia remained sheltered from the world at large, knowing little first-hand of situations that could suddenly blossom out of her control or people/places/things unlike the mountains and forests surrounding her home.

At first, Duncan was simply like an older brother to Alia, annoying, persistent and sometimes, sweet. He saw her as a student, nothing more. Yet another incident changed their relationship. Alia was out in the woods tracking an elusive dire bear (lol…couldn’t think of a different animal…and like the way that one sounds) and accidentally flushed some deer while bringing down the bear single-handedly. Not a problem, except that these deer were the quarry of several wealthy merchants, including Alia’s father. Instead of being proud of his daughter’s accomplishment, which was quite incredible for a girl of 20, he raged at her. He forbade her to train with Duncan and immediately began to search for a husband for his daughter, the older and richer, the better. Alia snuck out one night and went to her favorite spot, where Duncan found her. She was crying, wondering why her parents couldn’t simply acknowledge her skills, be proud of her prowess and let her live the life she wanted. For the first time, the sad little girl who only wanted her parents approval showed her pain in the presence of another. Duncan began to see her as a woman grown and deserving of respect in her own right. So much of his life the past 15 years had been spent with her and yet he’d lost track of the woman she’d become. As Duncan comforted her, Alia began to see the same in Duncan, that he was a man, not just a tutor who was like an older brother.

Duncan intended to offer a bride-price to Alia’s father, but did not want to let Alia know his intentions. Before he could, however, Alia’s father announced her betrothal to a wealthy merchant friend of his. Rumor is that Alia screamed, raged and broke many expensive pieces of artwork in her rage. Upon realizing that her father would not be moved, Alia again snuck out in the middle of the night and set out on her own. Alia’s father sought to track her down and bring her back by force, but Duncan and Alia’s mother convinced him that letting her get her wanderlust out of her system would calm her more than any husband ever could. Surely she would see the error of her ways and come home, repentant and ready to marry. In return for his acquiescence, Alia’s father demanded Duncan follow Alia, to ensure no harm came to his daughter…after all, he had already accepted the bride-price from the wealthy merchant and couldn’t very well deliver damaged goods.

Neither Alia nor Duncan are aware of the other’s feelings. In the beginning, she is stuck up because she is unaware of anything other than the way of life she’s known. As time goes on and more and more people around her reject her and refuse to see her skills (as her parents did), Alia distances herself because she simply cannot stand the hurt of never being loved and acknowledged for who and what she is. She is tired of always being the rich girl and never being Alia, the ranger. Yet her sheltered life forces her into the role of spoiled rich girl again and again. Continued open and blatant rejection by others only heightens the chances that she will leave the party and strike out on her own again.

Aliasanos Feywyld

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