Rhayn Enala

A Half-Elf Warlord seeking her destiny.


Rhayn Enala – female half-elf warlord

  • Str – 16
  • Con – 14
  • Dex – 11
  • Int – 13
  • Wis – 10
  • Cha – 16

HP – 26, Defenses AC 17, Fort 14, Ref 12, Will 14

Rhayn wears chainmail and carries a light shield. She is an inspirational warlord, always seeking to bring out the best abilities in others.


As a half-elf, I never really felt elf or human. I went from street urchin to professional soldier fighting my way through the ranks. I have countless scars on both my armor and my body, though they don’t even scratch the surface of those that color my soul.

This strange group that I find myself in has the potential to be more of a family than I have experienced in some time, if ever. I wonder if this is a place where I can fit in, or if I will only be disappointed again.

Rhayn Enala

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