Scales of War Adventure

Caden's Cipher 132

5th day of Flower Blooms, 435 AoS

Last week, I met Xulatria Te’asene’a, Bree, and Rhayn Enala. I was most interested by Xul’s request for information about a scarred elf. The Lost Ones were able to determine that a woman matching the description was in Overlook several weeks ago traveling under the name Irranda. Apparently, she was here to meet with a low-life Dark One named Modra. I haven’t had any dealings with him but there are rumors concerning his attitude of self-importance. Since Irranda left, Modra has either been out of town or keeping a very low profile.

On a side note, I have been informed Aliasanos Feywyld is under a paid protection policy and is now ‘hands-off’ across the city. More and more interesting.



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