Scales of War Adventure

Journal of Xulatria Te'asene'a

Entry 27

I seem to have fallen in with a strange group of adventurers. I can almost hear the Lady snickering behind me. We’re a good crew, no one can say differently, but it’s certainly a motley one at best.

Soyala Corvina, the paladin, intrigues me. She is dour, as any of the Queen’s devout servants would be, but beneath lies what I can only describe as both compassionate loyalty and detached cruelty. Perhaps it is in the nature of humans to link the idea of fatalism and detachment, rather than living at the boundaries of experience, embracing every fate which falls in our path. But perhaps there is something else, something deeper, a deeper darkness, which hides behind the eyes of this sadist-healer. Perhaps her loyalties are deeper than those of frivolous “affections”, “associations”, or “honor”. Is it perhaps the ferocity of the she-bear I see in her aspect, and we as her cubs? What cubs are those that haunt her eyes then, I wonder…

The wizard amuses me. I am always interested in the ways that the long-lived mortals find to occupy the vastness of their time. However, I confess that his…sedentary habits confuse me. The gift of years seems thrown away if they are to be spent simply hording wealth, whether it is gold or loot or knowledge matters little. What is the purpose of knowledge that is not lived? What is the purpose of life if it is to be spent in solitude with only the hollow scribblings of the dead to hold one’s attention? It is rather like a necromancy of the mind, and I can’t help but wonder what it is about living that he finds so distasteful that he must hide within the embrace of these parchment corpses. It is unfortunate that his is the only breeding-flesh in our company. Apparently, I shall have to again pursue fleshly-“anchors” in other directions.

The archer is flatly the most obnoxious person I have ever met, and that includes that little prat Vasalaiiria Hlarae that I used to wipe the floors with in Martial Training. I simply cannot abide people who Crow about nothing. I don’t deny that she has ability with her bow, (though I still question the talent it takes to place nothing in the hazard – where is the glory in a victory that costs nothing?) it’s just that her attitude and demeanor simply set my teeth on edge. She seems incapable of embracing life – perhaps, like the wizard, this is merely endemic of the long-lived mortals, but instead exalts in herself what is low and demeans in others what is worthy of crowing. Were it not for her unique tactical ability to deal massive precision damage and corral enemy forces I would have had done with her long ago, perhaps even simply called her out in a duel. But the reality is that her arrows, dull and small though they may be, have been useful in the past. Would that she were more willing to learn what it means to be alive, rather than holding so tightly to worthless things that mean nothing.

Rhayn, our warrior, has become a blood-sister. She has proven her courage and creativity in many conflicts, and while we have often disagreed over methods (she often taking a more cautious approach) we have repeatedly upheld each other in dire contests. She certainly has a checkered past which she generally keeps to herself, but she has both the good humor and the bloody fierceness of true life that I so seldom encounter amongst these mortals. I am certain that a strong bond of friendship will continue to grow between us, forged in blood and shadow.

Our newest companion, the Halfling, is frankly one of the most lively souls I’ve ever encountered. In combat she demonstrates a strong heart and a quick wit, both of which I admire, and in our encounters she displays a lust for life that I find immensely exciting. In our journeys together she has consistently demonstrated her own resiliency, and I’m certain that her blade is of great merit. I only hope that her effluvium is not simply a front to put us off our guard, and is honestly the brimming over of her lust to be alive, to seize every moment to its fullest. Only time will tell.



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