Scales of War Adventure


Rhayn's Ramblings - 4th day of Flower Blooms, 435 AoS

Whew! Last night I almost got busted. I was hanging off a cave troll, on fire and almost dead. I just couldn’t help myself I was so tired and so sick and so beat up… I just took a bite and drained that nasty creature’s blood. Suddenly he was weakened and on fire and I was strong and battle ready. I hope the group is OK with my Vampiric Heritage. I hope they don’t fear me anymore than they already do. I have been feeling like family with these folks and with the death of my former comrades in the Longstriders, I keenly feel the need for friends. Even though they didn’t catch me draining the cave troll’s blood last night, I know they will see this weapon in action someday. I hope they will see this ability as a grand tool, a weapon, rather than reviling me as a monster clothed in tales of coffins and fear. I’m not really a vampire you see. I eat, I drink, I am half elf, half human. There’s just this teeny innate ability that lurks around in battles. As my health drains away, I have this wondrous tool to replace my waning reserves. It’s just another weapon that I wield as carefully as all my other weapons. I hope they don’t run off when they do see it.

Rhayn Enala



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