Scales of War Adventure

The Nexus

3rd day of Flower Blooms, 435 AoS

The team moved carefully through the next double doors, where they encountered a “T” intersection. Double doors flanked them down halls on either side and another set of doors faced them. Plunging straight ahead, the group opened the doors in front of them and were met with a gory scene. Eight orcs and one big, hulking brute befouled the once sacred chamber. The orcs, a mix of hideous humanoids, shouted warnings when they saw the team, causing the cave troll to turn, revealing the blood and gore painting its chest.

Rhayn Enala moved forward and planted the Battle Standard of Might. Alia moved into the pews for a firing position, taking aim at the cave troll. Using a shot she calls “Split the Tree”, Alia inflicted massive damage on the troll. It dropped, only to stand again, the wounds healing even as the team watched. Meanwhile, Hurit created a phantom chasm below 4 orcs, killing 3 and dropping another prone. Soyala stepped up to the plate, swinging at the troll with her scythe. Unfortunately, the troll was more accurate. Picking up Soyala by the feet, the cave troll swung her through the air, taking aim at her team mates. Soyala, flew through the air, landing with a definite clang against the tapestry. Meanwhile, Rhayn had caught fire, due to cinderbombs the orcs were lobbing at the party. Disregarding them, she lept at the cave troll, grappling him and causing fire damage. (She also manifested her vampiric heritage and had a little snack though, the confusion of battle, no one noticed.) Eventually, the party was able to do enough fire damage to the cave troll to drop it for good while Bree and Alia had dealt with the other orcs. Afterward, Hurit examined the tapestry and was able to determine how to close the Nexus. The original gore on the cave troll had apparently originated from the other members of the Longstriders. Rhayn asked for help and the party again made a funeral pyre for the fallen warriors. The team took several items from the fallen team that would aid them in the future (see loot below).

The next door the team came to opened into a massive chamber in which the ceiling rose 100 feet above them. At the center of the chamber was a pillar of solid steel that screwed into the stone and stood as tall as the ceiling. Two bronze and steel pipes emerged from the eastern walls and traveled toward the steel column before vanishing into the stone. Rising around the outside of the room was a stone catwalk that connected to steel grating that wrapped around the steel pillar like scaffolding. Dark tunnels pocked the walls, leading who knows where. There was a lingering odor of sulfur and the base of the steel column was dark, as if damp.

As soon as the team moved to the stairs, mobs of orcs starting emerging from the tunnels. Hurit took out mob after mob of orcs. Ali began firing at an amazing speed but was quickly targeted by a bolt thrower. The impact of the bolt forced her off the scaffolding but her tumbling ability saved her from any damage. Xul was quick to rush into battle but slipped in the gore and also fell off the scaffolding. She too was able to avoid any falling damage.

As the team waded their way through the orcs another group arrived. This orc was actually an orog, a stronger, more cunning breed than the standard orc. He was accompanied by a Shadar Kai witch. They were Tusk and Myrissa, though no one stopped to ask. Instead of charging the team, they ran ahead to the top of the column, seeking to keep the Nexus open for the rest of Tusk’s army. Myrissa, cast several curses at the team to hinder their approach. While they were able to slow the team, eventually they made it to the top. The blood flew as the team carved their way through disposable orcs and suffered from the attacks of Myrissa and Tusk. Alia and Bree made their way to the control mechanism and were able to get it started quickly. The entire structure rumbled as scorching hot water began filling the chamber. They could hear the screams and shouts of other orcs trapped in the tunnels and slowly boiling to death. In the confusion, Rhayn was able to shove Myrissa over the railing. She fell to her watery grave 80 feet below. The others were finally able to take down Tusk, but not without taking massive damage. With little time to search, they had to climb the ladder and escape from the chamber before it was completely filled.

Making their way back to town, the team was greeted with a hero’s welcome.

Session XP:

  • 600 XP for each PC
  • Each PC has a total of 4,475 XP (4th Level).

Session Loot

  • Dwarven Plate +2 (PHB 252) – Soyala
  • Level 7 item – Hurit
  • 2 Cinderbombs
  • 80 gp for each PC
  • 300 sp for each PC



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