Scales of War Adventure

Monastery of the Sundered Chain

1st - 2nd of Flower Blooms, 435 AoS

The team acquired the contract to warn the dwarven clerics at the Monastery of the Sundered Chain and to seal the passages beneath the mountains. For this, they will receive 1,200 gold pieces upon their return.

The team set off from Overlook, led through the wilderness by Alia. They were able to make the journey in under two days, arriving mid afternoon. Keen eyes picked up the smoke from fires in the courtyard and the team approached with caution. Looping around to the north, they scaled the mountain until they were able to drop over the wall. Bree and Alia were able to sneak forward undetected. Standing around the fires were orcs.

In a surprise attack, the group was able to dispatch the orcs quickly, even though they were spread across the courtyard. As the fight wound down, Xul moved to the large double doors of the monastery proper and entered. The others quickly followed.

As Xul entered, eyes quickly fell on the hideous orc crone dressed in tattered rags, standing beside a large cracked anvil dripping with filth, the desecrated alter of Moradin. As their eyes met, the crone began screeching and Xul ran down the blood soaked isle to engage her.

As the others entered, they were peppered with bolts from the balconies above. Rhayn, Soyala, Hurit, and Bree raced to meet the threat from above. Ali focused her attacks on the new threat rising from under the alter. An orc sergeant pushed his orcs to form a screen between Xul and the crone. Ali rained down arrows of death and Xul danced her dance of blood through the mayhem. As she closed, the crone slid down the stairs hidden under the alter with Xul hot on her heels.

Racing down the spiral staircase, Xul was able to catch the crone only a few feet from the base of the stairs. The coils of Xul’s spike chain finally ripped her to shreds. Her dying screams alerted the orcs in the great hall. Xul retreated to the staircase until the others arrived. The team was able to hold the orcs at the stairs and finished them off eventually. Only then did they finally take a rest.

DM side note: The players ran through 3 encounters without taking a rest and by the end, they were down to at-will powers only.

As the team examined the great hall, the sight was obscene. Dead dwarves, some still in their nightclothes, littered the floor, blood painting the gray stone tiles, walls and columns. A massive statue of a dwarf warrior battling a hydra dominated the room and Hurit was able to ascertain this was the famous battle between Dergan Fellfist and a legendary hydra that devoured 300 warriors until he killed it in single combat. It is a safe bet Dergan’s bones rest beneath the statue. Though the dwarves apparently lived a life of poverty, the orcs carried some silver.

Heading further down the great hall, the team came to a massive cavern. A long staircase and series of landings led down to the cavern floor nearly 100 feet below. Climbing the stairs was another group of orcs. The team took up firing positions and rained down arrows on the ascending orcs. A spiretop drake took the opportunity to attack but all were quickly defeated. The group took a minute to rest and regroup before they descended the stairs to check the bodies.

Session XP:

  • 875 XP for each PC
  • Each PC has a total of 3,125 XP (3rd Level).

Session Loot

  • 32 gold per person
  • 32 silver per person



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